The book drop will be closed for approximately 1 month beginning on June 18th. Click “read more” and scroll down for more information about how to return your items while we are closed!

Did you know that when you place materials into the book drop in the front of the building, they travel down to our basement? On a typical day, staff members find a full cartload of books in the book drop, and must use the residents’ elevator to bring these items into the library.

Starting on June 18th, the elevator will be closed for repairs for approximately 1 month. We will be locking the book drop when the library is open to encourage people to bring materials inside themselves. We also ask that if it isn’t too inconvenient, you consider returning items to other libraries when we are closed. Museum passes are the only items that need to be returned directly to the Irvington Library. All other items may be returned to any library in the Westchester Library System (either inside the library, or their book drops).

Please help your friends at the library and refrain from using the book drop during this time!

Thank you.

Rosemarie Gatzek
Library Director