Library Staff

Rosemarie Gatzek, Director

Pamela Bernstein, Assistant Director

Children’s Services:
Carolyn Gallagher, Lois Izes, Linda Moser

Reference Services:
Anne Beier, Pamela Hodgins Bernstein, Deborah Kramer, Tom Evans, Lydia Kugel

Support Staff:
Christina Baulch, James Clarke, Rosemary Clarke, Tara Dawson, Pat Fisher, Mark Galgano, Lynn Gambardella, Josef Sinko, Laura Sinko, Patty Vano.

When we are open, call (914) 591-7840 to reach staff.

Board of Trustees

Laura Lilienfield, President
Dominique Picon, Vice President
Heather Thomas, Treasurer
Patrick Gilmartin, Anne Goldfield, Christopher Mitchell, Pierrette Pillone

Sarah Cox, President of the Friends of the Irvington Library, ex officio
Janice Silverberg, Member of the Village Board of Trustees, ex officio
Rosemarie Gatzek, Library Director, ex officio

Board of Trustees of the Irvington Public Library will next meet in September. Board Meetings are open to the public and are generally scheduled for the second Monday of each month. In the event that there is a change in schedule, notice will be given here.