While there is a lot of good information available about COVID-19/”Coronavirus,” there are also many websites and social media platforms that are passing on partial, sensationalized and even false information.
Please click “read more” below for a list of direct resources about the virus, as well as Irvington-specific pages for alerts.

Now, as ever, it is always best to consider the source of information that you read and to keep in mind that the entity providing the information might have interests that affect the way they frame information or even the information that is disseminated. Even your trusted news sources are interested in the number of “clicks” or “views” that their articles will generate, which can affect the way that they word headlines. (Particularly about the “Coronavirus.”)


Chances are that these sources are just disseminating/interpreting information from one of the following resources, so you may want to look directly at these links:



To receive information about emergency procedures in the Village of Irvington or specifically regarding the Library, please consider signing up for notices from the Village or Library.  The Village maintains these lists and does not share the contact information with anyone:  http://www.irvingtonny.gov/list.aspx