What happened to the library website?

We decided that while our Website does a fine job of sharing all of our wonderful programming as well as being a good place to look for items in our collection, with the Library being closed for the time being, we should concentrate on all of the wonderful ONLINE resources that we have.

Can I browse the library yet?

While we offered several months of in-person browsing appointments during the pandemic, browsing has been discontinued as of 12/1/2020. We will update you on our homepage if and when this policy changes.

What do I do with all of the books/movies/etc. that I borrowed from the library?

You may return items in the library vestibule during pick-up hours (listed here), or in the bookdrop outside of these hours. 

Is the library taking book donations?

The library itself is *not* taking donations, the Friends of the Irvington Library are willing to accept donations by appointment. Arrangements can be made by contacting them via friends.booksale@gmail.com. Await their response and confirmation.
The library itself is at max capacity with the receiving and quarantining of library materials, so any donations given to us directly will have to be discarded. For this reason, please do not leave donations in or outside our building. If you are interested in donating books, the Friends will be happy to discuss an appointment with you! We appreciate your interest.

What can I do online?

What can’t you do!?  You may still access books, audiobooks, music and movies.  But now you’ll need to find them through our online portals and you may need to look in more than one place to find what you want.  For example, if you are in the mood for a specific book, you may have to check both Overdrive AND Hoopla. There is no way to search all of these different platforms at one time.

I haven’t used my library card in a while and when I tried I was told it had expired. What do I do?

All library cards are good for three years and then they expire.  It’s a way that we can make sure that your contact information is still the same.  Please send an email to the following link that has your name, address, library card number and telephone number.  We’ll renew your card for you and let you know when we’ve done so: irvcirc@wlsmail.org

(Note:  this may take a few days to set up — please be patient!)

I tried to log on and don’t know my PIN?

Try to use the last four digits of your telephone number.  That’s the default PIN that everyone is assigned when getting a new card.  It may be from a telephone number you don’t have anymore (perhaps you only had a landline when you first signed up for your library card and now you only have a cell phone).  If that doesn’t work, please send an email to the following link that has your name, address, library card number and telephone number. We’ll reset your PIN and let you know when we’ve done so:  irvref@wlsmail.org

(Note:  this may take a few days to set up — please be patient!)

I’m confused by all the information about Covid-19 (aka “coronavirus”). Where can I find good, up-to-date information?

I miss going to the library and seeing all of the friendly people who work there.

Aw, we miss you, too!  Until this all blows over we’re going to need to come up with creative ways to socialize.  Perhaps this is a good time to go through your contacts and reach out to friends and relatives that you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Or perhaps you could contact a friend via Skype and have a virtual cup of coffee/tea/other drink together. We even know people who have had virtual dinner parties over Skype (or Google Meet).