Free Library Card

Obtaining a free Irvington Public Library Card

A person may apply for an Irvington Library card if the person is resident of the Village of Irvington; also, people who live outside of the Library’s service area may be apply if they work or own property in the Village.  Not all residents in the Irvington Union Free School District are eligible for a library card from us; call us at 914-591-7840 or use the WLS Map, and find out what public library will issue you a library card. Everyone is welcome to our library.  With a library card from any Westchester County public library, you may borrow items from or return items to all public libraries in the County (free “universal access”), and have other priviliges shown below.  Lending periods, fines and other charges are not the same at all of these libraries.

Adults (age 13 and up)

To obtain an Irvington Public Library card, bring in a driver’s license OR a photo ID with your current Irvington address. If this address isn’t on your license or ID you will also need to bring in a utility bill or lease showing your current address.

Any person with a valid Irvington Public Library card may borrow materials at any public library in Westchester County and at Westchester Community College.

Children (age 12 and under)

Children (age twelve and under):
Parents or guardians are responsible for all materials borrowed and must sign the child’s card. Other adults, such as “nannies” or babysitters, are not responsible for these items.
A child with a valid Irvington Public Library card may borrow materials at any public library in Westchester County.


A person who lives outside Westchester County, but works in Irvington, is eligible for an Irvington Public Library card.
Nonresidents who live in Westchester may get a temporary card at the Irvington Public Library. Then their home library will issue a permanent card.

Lost Your Library Card?

If you are certain you have lost your Irvington Library card, you can purchase a replacement card (with a new barcode number) for a fee of $2 at the library front desk. Be sure to also bring a driver’s license or photo ID with address. (Note that your old library card, should you find it, will no longer be valid once a new card is made.)