Test Exhibit

August 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit



Works by Kurt Capalbo


Kurt Capalbo is a visual artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work revolves around  harnessing the natural entropy of materials to express the universal degradation surrounding  us. This allows his art to take on a regenerative design, creating new opportunities for systems  to exist. Works transcend a single medium using recycled materials such as glass, metals,  plastics and wax alongside conventional acrylics, oils, markers and pencils.

Daily explorations through urban and natural environments provide the menagerie of raw  materials, otherwise treated as waste, as inspiration for his fragmented visual motifs. He refers  to his work as socially responsible and innately durable by striving to bring beauty from  byproducts. Akin to the randomness of particles colliding, he meshes an artistic stew of  organic evolution, enabling his work to take on a life of its own.

The human race will be gone well before his art has reached its denouement. This organized decomposition is the true chronicle of Kurt’s experiences through art.

Thank you for visiting! If you enjoyed this virtual exhibit, we hope you will consider visiting the Martucci Gallery at the library to see these works in-person.

Contact Kurt at kurtiskabbalah@gmail.com for inquiries and offers regarding his work.


Please note that all artwork is subject to copyright.