Tiffany Reading Room

This beautifully-designed space, featuring glowing “turtleback” lanterns, gleaming mosaics, and gilded quotations carved into heavy ceiling beams, is open to the public. The Tiffany Reading Room is located in Village Hall (not the Library); the address is 85 Main Street, Irvington, NY.  It is normally open during regular business hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays; for more information, call the Library at 914-591-7840.  For directions click here.


Restored Tiffany Reading Room in 2012. Photo Credit: Meredith Shamburger, Daily Voice.

In 2004, the Board of Trustees of Irvington Public Library formed a committee to restore the reading room in Town Hall, one of the few remaining interiors by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the world-famous artist, decorator and glassmaker.

Louis Tiffany was the son of Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, a long-time resident of both New York City and Irvington, who owned an estate on the site of the present Matthiessen Park. Charles Tiffany was trustee of the village Mental and Moral Improvement Society, which donated the property on which the Town Hall was built, with the provision that the building include a free reading room that would be open to the public in perpetuity.

Tiffany Reading Room in the mid-1990s


This crown jewel of Town Hall is one of Irvington’s richest resources and one that sets the village apart from every other community in America. Like another Tiffany interior, the Veteran’s Room of the Seventh Regiment Armory in Manhattan, it will attract people simply by virtue of its beauty. But unlike the Armory interior, the reading room is a public space, open to anyone who cares to use and enjoy it. That was the vision of Charles Tiffany and his fellow trustees, a vision manifested by Louis Tiffany with an interior at once poetic and functional.

A link to an article in The New York Times about the restored Tiffany Room is here.  The Tiffany Room Restoration Project won a Heritage Award, find out more here.

Tiffany Room Committee

Thom Thacker, Paula Etzel, Sarah Kelsey, Barbara Cohen, Diane Potter

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