Virtual Art Exhibit Archive

Irvington Library 2020-2022 Virtual Exhibit Archive

December 2022 Exhibit

Window Hopping: Hudson Valley Storefronts

An encore exhibit by Joe Williams


Artist’s Statement

“Window Hopping: Hudson Valley Storefronts” is one of my ongoing projects dealing with the artistic challenges presented by the visual clutter that surrounds us every day. Storefronts have fascinated countless photographers, from Atget’s precisely composed images of Old Paris to the imperfect cellphone images taken by today’s tourists.

Storefronts first emerged as a way to attract and delight consumers and window shoppers in big cities like New York and Boston. With the growth of car-dependent rural and suburban areas like the Hudson Valley, they became prominent features among the pedestrian-friendly central business districts, malls, and strip stores of those areas as well. Storefronts exist primarily for commercial reasons, of course. Yet to the observant eye the interplay of store windows and displays with light, color, reflections, weather, and other objects—even the occasional animal—often yields an even richer visual experience.

Both “Window Hopping” and last month’s “Sign Language” are projects that marked my return to serious landscape and street photography after a long hiatus, focusing on the power of color as I took numerous car trips exploring signs and storefronts, monuments and sculptures, buildings and roads in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and other Mid-Hudson counties.

For a look at my other projects, please visit
my new website, I was an Irvington resident from 1993 to 2008.

Restaurant, Brewster

Restaurant, Beacon

Bakery, Hastings-on-Hudson

Restaurant, Pleasantville

Ice Cream Store, Pawling

Laundromat, Mount Vernon

Cleaners, New City

Retail Store, Millbrook

Cafe, Irvington-on-Hudson

Restaurant, Elmsford

Herb Store, Yonkers

Antiques Store, Mamaroneck

Bird Print, Ossining

General Store, Hastings-on-Hudson

Closed Bank, Beacon

November 2022 Exhibit

Sign Language by Joe Williams


Artist’s Statement

I am a landscape and street photographer who focuses on the visual impact of commerce, creativity, automobiles, and various human activities on the built environment, seeking to create images where color not only provides descriptive power but often functions as the subject itself. “Sign Language” is just one of my ongoing projects dealing with the artistic challenges presented by the visual clutter that surrounds us every day. These projects, which marked my return to serious photography after a long hiatus, all coincided with the emergence of the Covid pandemic, leading to my emphasis on car trips exploring the lower Hudson Valley.

Signs, of course, primarily serve a utilitarian function—building brands and businesses, identifying places, conveyinginformation, enforcing rules, promoting ideas. At the same time, their omnipresence in the American landscape has made them attractive to creative artists as well, including Walker Evans, Lee Friedlander, and many other noted photographers. Inspired by those artists, I have taken numerous day trips over the last few years, exploring signs and storefronts, monuments and sculptures, buildings and roads in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and other Mid-Hudson counties. With the pandemic now waning, I am expanding existing projects and pursuing new ones in more people-intensive venues, such as county fairs, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and the streets of Manhattan.

For a look at the larger Sign Languages portfolio and other projects, please visit
my new website, I was an Irvington resident from 1993 to 2008.


Faceless Exit Sign, Kingston

Street Crossing, Saugerties

Truck Decal, New Windsor

Billboard, Beacon

Vendor Umbrella, Manhattan

Diner Entrance, Yonkers

Pink Shoes, Yonkers

Partial Poster, Kingston

Yard Sale, Beacon

Restaurant Entrance, Yonkers

Diner, Ancram

Wall, Beacon

Rest Area, Interstate 84

Street Sign, Sleepy Hollow

Alison Cimmet is a professional actress living in Westchester, New York, who has performed in numerous television shows, feature films, and seven Broadway productions ( During the pandemic her industry was devastated, so she tended to her soul during this difficult time by leaning into another love – visual art. Her primary focus is mixed-media painted collage work, celebrating vibrant colors and curious textures, and inviting the viewer to always look closer, deeper. She uses a collection of curated papers, vintage ephemera (like old sheet music and literature), and also prints a lot of her own papers using a gelli/acrylic printing process. Final touches are done with acrylics, markers, and gold leaf. The themes that run through much of her work are resilience, renascence, and joy. Cimmet loves being a maker and creator, and is a proud member of the Collective Art Studio collaborative work space in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Portfolio:


Exhibit Title: “Invisible Spring”

Untold Stories 2


Wild 1

Memento Mori



Mosaic Mood

Garden Party

Tiny Library Series - Resilience

OK Bloomer

Morning Joy

Tiny Library Series - Sunshine

Wild 2

Invincible Spring

Tiny Library Series - Gardening

Artwork depicting bookshelves with small green books with gardening titles



Tiny Library Series - Nursery

Invincible Spring 2


Tiny Library Series - Love

Book Nook

August 2022 Art Exhibit


Watercolor Paintings by Michael Mendel

The Outhouse 5

The Long and Lonely Road

From Brooklyn to Queens on the Double G

For the Birds


Splish Splash

Everlasting Friendship

Dancing the Night Away

July 2022 Art Exhibit

In the Martucci Gallery at the Irvington Library

Artist Reception: Saturday July 9th from 2-4pm.


“Botanical Figurations”

by Monique Ford


Artist’s Statement:

My “Botanical Anatomy” series began after a major personal transition stimulating tremendous growth. My artistic process became a new experience. I started to envision new forms. It was liberating and natural. The anatomical forms played a key role in representing the human presence and slowly, the botanical forms became the human experience. The works are about relationships, the tension between them, the power, pain, joy and impermanence of how we connect and move through one another. Color, line, form and composition are all devices that enrich and build on the narrative within the floral imagery. The most recent work is a return to the figure itself, to the human presence. Returning to the figure has been a return to the sacred connection between humans and to the earth. On a deeper level, beyond the current state of the world exists a long lasting narrative surrounding relationships and their own challenges for connection. Honoring the individuals and loved ones around us so that you can really see them and remain in the current moment can be more challenging as we become closer to one another.  The women in my “Look Me in the Eyes” series are complicated, intoxicating and powerful and they demand more, more intimacy, more connection and more attention. The body of work in this larger series travels from the external to the internal from botanical to figuration.


View the virtual exhibit below, then visit the full gallery in-person at the Irvington Public Library!

Be sure to check our event calendar or call first to ensure that the gallery is open at the time of your visit.

New Beginnings

watercolor on canvas, 24X16″

Look Me in the Eyes

watercolor on canvas, 24X24″

Just Breath

watercolor on canvas, 24X24″

Heart Power

watercolor on canvas, 24X24″


watercolor and acrylic on canvas, 20X24″


watercolor on canvas, 24X24”


watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 40X30”

I’m Rising

watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 40X30”


watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 30X40“


watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 40X30″

I, You, We Are One

watercolor on canvas, 24X20”


watercolor on canvas, 24X24”


watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 30X40″


watercolor/acrylic on canvas, 24X24”

More information can be found at

June 2022 Art Exhibit

In the Martucci Gallery at the Irvington Library



Arnold Arbeit Abstracts

This exhibit showcases of a variety of styles and sizes of oil on canvas abstract artwork painted by Arnold A. Arbeit from the 1950s through the 1970s. More information at

Artist’s Statement: “To achieve a cloudburst, to find the answer to a superior force, to indicate the energy bursting within matter. This inundating form I should like to achieve – nothing more, to show the potential explosive force of common forms.”


View a preview of the exhibit below, then visit the full gallery in person at the Irvington Public Library!

Be sure to check our event calendar or call to ensure the gallery is open at the time of your visit.

Sun in Space

Black and White Cookie

Black Horse

Red Woman

Light+Shadow Rome

Cloudy Sky Over the Red

Early Dawn

More information can be found at

Invented Paintings; Real Life Scenarios

The experience of the everyday world influences the direction of my painting – the stuff strewn along the tabletop, moments lived or observed, memories or people or circumstances, and lots of references to things that cross my path throughout the day. It is an intuitive following of ideas.  I digest the visceral sensations of looking, combined with conceptual meanderings about content or subject. I respond in drawing and painting.

The work for the Irvington Library is mostly from the experience of spending time during Covid. Our family biked, camped, watched TV together, and discovered new places along the Hudson River, Westchester and Duchess Counties, and Long Island.

View a preview of the exhibit below, then visit the full gallery in person at the Irvington Public Library!

After Biking

Girls in Summer

Girls in a Snowy Landscape

Pound Ridge

Sail Shop, Hudson


Creatively Composed

Photography by Pam Grafstein

on view in the Martucci Gallery January 3, 2022-January 30, 2022

Examining small details has always defined my character.  Early on, I learned to appreciate the value of patient observation, and discovered that fascinating scenes can be found in what at first glance appears ordinary.  My work demonstrates an emphasis on the simplicity of shape and pattern accomplished by thoughtful composition.  It exemplifies the sentiment that one does not have to travel far for wonderful photographic opportunity, as many of my favorite images were created at my home, or not very far away.

Please contact me at to arrange a purchase, or just to let me know how my art speaks to you.
Visit my website at to see more of my work!


Gehry Staircase

Come Together

Black and White Image of a flower



Trapped Inside

Shakespeare's Works

Handyman Special

Won't You Come Play With Me?


Where's the Cilantro?

Photo of a peeling onion, two red peppers, 2 green peppers, a tomato, and other vegetables


Close-up Photo of an Anthurium stem


Entwined Allium

White Orchid

Close-Up Photo of the Center of a White Orchid

Hooked Up

God Forsaken

Please contact me at to arrange a purchase, or just to let me know how my art speaks to you.
Visit my website at to see more of my work!

December 2021 Art Exhibit


Exhibit by Jim Maciel

Framed Watercolors, 24″ by 30″

For more information on these pieces, please contact Jim Maciel at or call 914 476 5581.

November 2021 Art Exhibit

Nellie Misch

“Illuminate: People in Stained Glass”

Originally On View in the Martucci Gallery Through November 29, 2021.
Below are excerpts from the exhibit.
stained glass portrait of Josephine Baker, by Nellie Misch

“Josephine Baker”


Stained glass piece by Nellie Misch titled Carnival





“Beauty and the Beast”

August 2021 Art Exhibit


Works by Kurt Capalbo

Kurt Capalbo is a visual artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His work revolves around harnessing the natural entropy of materials to express the universal degradation surrounding us. This allows his art to take on a regenerative design, creating new opportunities for systems to exist. Works transcend a single medium using recycled materials such as glass, metals, plastics and wax alongside conventional acrylics, oils, markers and pencils.

Daily explorations through urban and natural environments provide the menagerie of raw materials, otherwise treated as waste, as inspiration for his fragmented visual motifs. He refers to his work as socially responsible and innately durable by striving to bring beauty from byproducts. Akin to the randomness of particles colliding, he meshes an artistic stew of organic evolution, enabling his work to take on a life of its own.

The human race will be gone well before his art has reached its denouement. This organized decomposition is the true chronicle of Kurt’s experiences through art.

Located in the Martucci Gallery of the Irvington Library (12 South Astor St, Irvington, NY)

View a Virtual Exhibit version below.


July 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit


Painting and Poetics

by Meg Lindsay

About the Artist

A painter’s poetics – the crossover of words and image, the music and rhythms of color and language on canvas and page- come from the same place, one person’s imagination.

Early March 2020 Meg Lindsay opened a painting exhibition in Irvington and celebrated publication of her most recent book, except all was interrupted by the pandemic’s shutdown. Here are her paintings, some from that exhibition, interspersed for flavor with some of her poetry.

An established painter for over 40 years showing in galleries and museums, her first book about the emotions and difficulties of painting, A Painter’s Night Journal, was published by Finishing Line Press in 2016 (available on Amazon).  Writers love to write about paintings, but most writers confine themselves to the subject matter of a painting, not the process, since after all most do not paint.

The subject of her writing dramatically changed direction when her husband, athletic and never ill before, collapsed with bone cancer, multiple myeloma. The poems in her second book, Notes from a Caregiver, published in 2020 by the literary press, The Poetry Box, were written in doctors’ offices and hospitals.  William Carlos Williams, the poet and doctor, wrote many poems on a prescription pad – an inspiration.  As Frost said, “no tears for the writer, no tears for the reader.”

Her paintings grace the covers of both books which are available at Amazon.  Notes from a Caregiver is also available from The Poetry Box as well at 

Price list for paintings can be found at the end of this presentation.

Click on the green hover boxes to see poetry.

All poetry quoted is about painting and excerpted from Meg Lindsay’s book, “A Painter’s Night Journal.”

Note: All Works Are Subject to Copyright.

“Pink Tulips & 3 Limes & an Orange” - acrylic on canvas 22 1/2 h x 28 ½ w

Cover for Book “A Painter’s Night Journal”

“Kafka and Buddha Cat” - acrylic on canvas 21h x 17w

Cover for Book “Notes from a Caregiver”

"Dragonfly"- oil on canvas 20 ½ h x 24 ¾ w

"Desert Outside Vegas" - acrylic and oil on canvas 24 ½ h x 36 ½ w

"Desert Dawn"- acrylic on canvas 20 ¼ h x 36 ½ w

"3 Trees" - oil on canvas 14 ½ h x 18 ½ w

"3 Trees Fauves"- oil on canvas 11 ½ h x 14 ½ w

…pink glows in oil next to

what I know to be sap green, a translucent olive color

…Pink is just a color:

   what color is it next to?

"Patio"- oil on canvas 24h x 30w

"Hudson Being Seen Thru 3 Slender Trees" - acrylic on canvas 24 ½ h x 20 ½ w

"Red Sun and Jade River" - oil on canvas 16 ¾ h x 18 ½ w

“Billboard” - oil on canvas 36h x 48w

“Blue Beach Umbrellas” - acrylic on linen 24h x 26w

why aren’t I painting you?

…in the sticky August air


the color

of sand

“Blazing Sunset over Palisades” - oil on canvas 30h x 36w

Today I will paint cloud patterns.

Not clouds.  Their patterns.

…I’ve moved on

from why,

when I forgot to wonder

what patterns exist

in clouds at all,

vanished when not 

locked down

on a canvas.

“Landscape Magic” - oil on canvas 31h x 37w

“Brightening Day” - acrylic on canvas 12h x 16w

“Ochre Castle at the Reservoir” - oil on canvas 11h x 14w

"Man Photographing Bull" - acrylic on canvas 15h x 20w

"Lap Pool at Sunset" - acrylic on canvas 16h x 20w

A painting is glue and dirt on cloth.
A poem is scratchings on a sheet of paper.
Or is it sounds in the night?


To write about a spider,
write about the rock
around which it spins its web.

"Hudson River Summer Sun Setting" - oil on canvas 13h x 9 ¾ w

"After the Storm Trees and Orange and Blue Sky" - acrylic on canvas 20 ½ h x 24 ¾ w

"Autumn Field" - acrylic on canvas 11h x 14w

“Abstract with 2 White Squares” - oil on canvas 24 ½ h x 20 ½ w

“2 Dogs under a Yellow Sun” - oil on canvas 24h x 30w

“Light Between 3 Pears” - oil on canvas 16 ½ h x 26 ½ w

Writing and Painting Bios



2 books: Notes from a Caregiver, published by Poetry Box 2020 and A Painter’s Night
Journal, published by Finishing Line Press 2016.
A semi-finalist in two “Discovery”/The Nation Contests and a finalist in an Inkwell
competition, Meg Lindsay has had poems published in Tricycle, Pivot, Salamander,
Alimentum, Connecticut River Review, Intima, Tiferet, etc. and earned an
MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College

Juried shows at the Hudson River Museum & Silvermine Arts Center
6 solo shows
40 shows in 11 states

2020 Martucci Gallery, Irvington, N.Y.
2013 Gregory James Gallery, New Milford, CT
2012 Martucci Gallery, Irvington, N.Y.
2008 Gallery at Woodloch, Hawley, PA
2007 Sarah Lawrence College Gallery, Bronxville, N.Y.
1973 Mamaroneck Artist Guild, Inc., Mamaroneck, N.Y.

2019 invitational/Greenwich/Westchester International Art Fair, Purchase, N.Y.
2018 Upstream Gallery, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
2016 Gallery at Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
2015 Gregory James Gallery, New Milford, CT
2011 Sweet Grass, Tarrytown, N.Y.
2010 Kiesendahl + Calhoun, Pleasantville, N.Y.
2007 Gallery Yellow, Cross River, N.Y.
2002 Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, Mass.
2000 ART OF THE HUDSON, Westchester Arts Council, White Plains, N.Y.
ART OF THE HUDSON RIVER, Art on Main Street, Yonkers, N.Y.
1998 Nat. Assoc. Women Artists, New World Art Center, New York,N.Y.
Gallery Art 54, New York, N.Y.
1996 Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Port Washington Library, Port Washington, N.Y.
Printmaking Council of New Jersey, Somerville, N.J.
1995 Marist College Gallery, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
SHOWCASE ’95, Lever House, New York, N.Y.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Gallery, Little Rock, Arkansas
Stevens College Gallery, Columbia, Missouri
Alexandria Museum, Alexandria, Lousiana
1994 395 West Broadway Gallery, New York, N.Y.
SURFACES, The Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Hudson River Gallery, Ossining, N.Y.
1993 du Pont Gallery, Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Virginia
Hillyer Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
Wilkes Art Gallery, North Wilkesboro, N.C.
1992 Olana, Hudson, N.Y.
Kraushaar Galleries, New York, N.Y.
Garrison Art Center, Garrison, N.Y.
1991 The NATURAL PERCEPTION, The Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.
The CURRENT RIVER VIEW, The Gallery, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Yonkers, N.Y.
ART of NORTHEAST USA, Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, Ct.
1985-1986 Obsessions Gallery, Lake Placid, N.Y. & Santa Fe, N.M.
1973 Carroll-Condit Galleries, White Plains, N.Y.

2007 Featured on radio WVOX — Paul Feiner’s GREENBURGH REPORT
1992 Featured on Westchester STATE OF THE ARTS

Price List

1 and 2) Paintings for 2 book covers NFS (Not for Sale)

3)”Dragonfly”     oil on canvas  20 ½ h x 24 ¾ w      $1,300

4) “Desert Outside Vegas”    acrylic & oil on canvas 24 ½ h x 36 ½ w   $1,200

5) “Desert Dawn”   acrylic on canvas  20 ¼ h x 36 ½ w  $1,100

6) “3 Trees”   oil on canvas  14 ½ h x 18 ½ w  $1,300

7) “3 Trees Fauves”   oil on canvas  11 ½ h x 14 ½ w   $1,200

8) “Patio”   oil on canvas    24h x 30w   $1,300

9) “Hudson Being Seen Thru 3 Slender Trees”    acrylic on canvas  24 ½ h x 20 ½ w  $1,300

10) “Red Sun & Jade River”   oil on canvas   16 ¾ h x 18 ½ w  $1,100

11) “Billboard”     oil on canvas   36h x 48w    $2,400

12) “Blue Beach Umbrellas”    acrylic on linen  24h x 26w    $1,800 

13)  “Blazing Sunset over Palisades”     oil on canvas   30h x 36w   $1,500

14)  “Landscape Magic”   oil on canvas    31h x 37w   $1,900  

15)  “Brightening Day”   acrylic on canvas   12h x 16w   $1,200

16)   “Ochre Castle at the Reservoir”      oil on canvas   11h x 14w  $1,100

17)  “Man Photographing Bull”      acrylic on canvas  15h x 20w   $1,200

18)  “Lap Pool at Sunset”     acrylic on canvas   16h x 20w   $1,200

19)  “Hudson River Summer Sun Setting”     oil on canvas   13h x 9 ¾ w  $1,100

20)  “After the Storm Trees and Orange and Blue Sky”   acrylic on canvas  20 ½ h x 24 ¾ w  $1,200

21)  “Autumn Field”     acrylic on canvas  11h x 14w       $1,100

22)  “Abstract with 2 White Squares”       oil on canvas  24 ½ h x 20 ½ w  $1,600

23)  “2 Dogs under a Yellow Sun”      oil on canvas   24h x 30w    $1,750

24)  “Light Between 3 Pears”      oil on canvas  16 ½ h x 26 ½  w    $1,350

Thank you for visiting! Please contact Meg at for inquiries regarding her work.


Please note that all artwork is subject to copyright.

[Pre-Pandemic Information]

Attention Artists

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Please download a copy of our exhibition policy and an exhibit application, or call Rosemarie Gatzek, the Library’s Director, at (914) 591-7840. You may view the room floor plan here as well.

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May and June 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit




Oil on Canvas by Renee Shamosh


Renee Shamosh is a multi-media artist with over 35 years of art teaching experience.


An avid gardener and member of The Garden Club of Irvington and The Irvington Beautification Committee,


Renee uses elements of nature in her work. Renee and her family have lived here for over 30 years.


Artist’s Statement

My goal has been to capture the tranquil beauty that can be found in a garden and our surroundings without going far from home.

I strive to capture the essence of what we see but often take for granted as we walk, jog, or drive around the greenery.

Simply put, stop to look around, think, and take a breath.

Please contact Renee at for inquiries regarding her work.

Note: All Works Are Subject to Copyright.


Walk At Dawn, 18” x 24′′


Over the Wall, 24” x 24”


Walking Posie, 24” x 24”


Quiet Corner, 24” x 30”


Ode to Georgia, 12” x 12”


In The Pink, 16” x 20”


Sweet Boy, 18” x 24”


Gathering Blooms, 18” x 24”


Tidying Up, 24” x 30”


Hydrangea Jungle, 24” x 30”

Perfect Cut, 24” x 30”


Red Dress, 24” x 30”


Reflections, 24” x 30”


Garden’s End, 18” x 24”


Taking a Break, 18” x 24”


Better Not Park, 12” x 16”


Rainy Day, 18” x 24”


First Autumn, 12” x 16”


Daylily Path, 12” x 16”


Out of the Mist. 12” x 16”


Must Run, 12” x 16”


Peony Garden, 12” x 12”


Rose Day, 24” x 30”


Quarry’s Edge, 24” x 30”


Best Friends 18” x 24”

Thank you for visiting! Please contact Renee at for inquiries regarding her work.


Please note that all artwork is subject to copyright.

March and April 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit

"Lea Carmichael: Small Abstracts"

Artist’s Statement

Over the years I have worked in several media and genres—pastel still-life and landscape, hand-colored photography, expressive drawing of migraine(resulting in the publication of “The Migraine Book”), and more. One genre that I have worked on all along, “on the side”, is abstraction.

A few years ago I decided to go at abstraction headlong. It has been an exciting challenge.

My objective is to free the visual experience from a narrative, so that all that is left is the abstract. I do not give my works descriptive titles; instead, I label them by date.

The works here were all done in January, 2021. Trying to get past a dry spell I committed to creating at least one work every day. I continue on in that discipline, and it has been a good journey so far.

I welcome you to visit my website: You may contact me there or at my email: I’m on Instagram at Leacarmichaelart.

Note: all works are 6 x 6” unless noted otherwise.

All works are on watercolor paper, done in gouache, watercolor, cut paper, crayon, colored pencil, pencil, ink, and acrylic.
































2021.1.26.2 (6 x 4")










2021.1.30.2 (6 x 4")



Thank you for visiting! Please contact for more information on these works and to let her know how her art speaks to you.

Please note that all artwork is subject to copyright.

"Photographic Compositions"

January 2020 Virtual Exhibit by Pam Grafstein




God Forsaken



Ready Player One

Fresh Birch

Handyman Special

Gehry Staircase

Fly on Rudbeckia

Mum Fingers



Ant on Peony

Asian Ladybeetle

Trapped Inside

Where's the Cilantro

December 2020 Virtual Exhibit: Jim Maciel


August and September 2020 Virtual Exhibit: Bruce Jacovitz

Please note that all artwork is subject to copyright.